Monday, 18 April 2016

Earn $100 daily with Clixsense crowdflower task

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How to earn money from Clixsense crowd flower task
Many Clixsense users have earned over $20 daily on doing crowd flower task without any referral. 

What is Clixsense? Clixsense is online paid to click and advertising website that offer to make money chance to any user such as paid surveys, Crowdflower task, complete offer, click advertisement, refer other. Crowdflower task is crowdsourcing company that allows any user to earn money by access to an online task platform in order to check task data correctness.

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Every week have weekly task contest, top 10 users who have completed most task quantity can receive a reward worth $100 instant to account balance.

Step by step to complete task
Crowdflower task has 3 level badge. Each task is a limit to the user according to their badge level, for example, level 1 user is unable to complete level 2 and level 3 task, so need to complete more task to achieve level 3, then you can unlock all the task, daily can earn up to $100 depend on you.

Job accuracy rate on test questions is very important to increase your level and unlock Clixsense all crowdflower task, if your accuracy rate is low, you are unable to access on certain task, then you will lost the chance to earn, so make sure read the guideline carefully before start to do the job.

To achieve level badge:

Level 1: Contributors in level 1 have completed over a hundred test questions across a variety of job types, and have a very high overall accuracy.

Level 2: Contributors in level 2 have completed over a hundred test questions across a large set of job types, and have an extremely high overall accuracy.

Level 3: Contributors in level 3 have completed over a hundred test questions across hundreds of different job types, and have a near perfect overall accuracy.

After you success achieve level 3, you can unlock all the task, earn $100 daily!!!

In order to complete task, for example, the task requirement is 7/10 to pass, mean you need to correct over 7 question for each task, if you correct less than 7, you will unable to continue it!!
Below is $0.35 per task, he completed 121 task, so 121 x $0.35 = $42.35, he earn $43 in 1 day!!!

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